Mission Atlantic

Towards the Sustainable Development of the Atlantic Ocean

MISSION ATLANTIC is an EU-funded project that will map and assess the present and future status of Atlantic marine ecosystems under the influence of climate change and exploitation.

By studying the complexity of Atlantic Ocean ecosystems, maritime culture, traditions and sustainable management, MISSION ATLANTIC will contribute to a better and more sustainable future for life on Earth

Patrizio Mariani, MISSION ATLANTIC Project Coordinator

Project Overview

Using Integrated Ecosystems Assessments to identify risks and pressures on Atlantic Ocean ecosystems.

IEAs support the development of management strategies that will ensure sustainable use of marine resources and the safekeeping of marine biodiversity for generations to come.

Our Work

The recently launched StrathE2E-App is one of several modelling tools which will be developed on the project

The app is designed to be used by marine modellers and amateur ocean enthusiasts alike, by breaking down complex data into a digestible format. To access the app, click the link below.

Use now

Case Studies

Mission Atlantic will develop IEAs for seven regional Case Studies, in sub-Arctic and Tropical regions of the Atlantic Ocean, ranging from shelf seas to the mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Case Studies

Bringing together cross-sectoral ocean experts from 33 partner organisations committed to a common purpose.

Our multidisciplinary team includes recognised leaders in ocean science, policy, and industry from a total of 14 countries across four continents (Europe, Africa, North and South America).


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