Workshop on time-series analyses for IEAs

By Saskia Otto and Martin Lindegren

An online training workshop on statistical tools applicable within Integrated Ecosystem Assessments took place in February 2021 as part of MISSION ATLANTIC under Work Package 5: Assessing state, drivers, and tipping points.

The training event provided background information and hands-on exercises using univariate and multivariate methods to:

  1. assess and compare the current status and long-term trends in ecosystem indicators;
  2. identify the occurrence and timing of potential abrupt transitions;
  3. investigate key drivers and characterize their pressure-state relationships.

The workshop was hosted by the WP leads Martin Lindegren (DTU) and Saskia Otto (UHAM) and was attended by more than 30 members of the MISSION ATLANTIC consortium, including several members from across all case study areas, as well as a number of PhD student and postdocs affiliated with the partner institutes.

The workshop was well-received, with attendees praising the practical guidance for carrying out analysis in each case study area. The workshop will be followed by open, online working sessions including both the hosts and case study members, as well as additional training events in the near future. All the course material, including tutorial text (html), training data sets, R code, as well as a recording of the entire session, is available upon request and uploaded under the project internal working folders.

For more information, please contact Martin Lindegren ( or Saskia Otto (