How should Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) be used in practice?

As part of the ICES Annual Science Conference 2022, MISSION ATLANTIC scientist Debbi Pedreschi (Marine Institute, Ireland) and Marie-Julie Roux (DFO, Canada) invite you to join a live interactive session on EBM!

Inspired by Dragons Den and Shark Tank, in just 3 minutes, 'Pitchers' must introduce their ideas for improving/operationalising EBM advice within ICES and beyond. Each pitch will be reviewed by a team of world-class 'Krakens' who will provide insights and help us to uncover some pearls of wisdom! The panel of Krakens includes experts scientists Ingrid Van Putten (CSIRO, Australia), Jörn Schmidt (ICES Science Committee Chair), Mark Dickey Collas (ICES Advisory Committee Chair) and Sarah Gaichas (NOAA, USA).

To take part, please email Anna Davies with your big idea – in as few words as possible (<150 words), before 30 June 2022. For more information, please see here.