03 Jun 2021 - 03 Jun 2021

Pelagic ecosystems of the Atlantic Ocean reveal a magnificent diversity of life from the ever dark deep sea to sun-lit surface waters where primary production starts fueling ecosystem processes. To combat the negative effects of climate change and anthropogenic activities, advances in ecosystem analysis, modeling, and assessments are yielding robust forecasts on longer timescales providing a baseline to establish sustainable management practices. In cooperation with fishing communities, scientists and modellers have started to create the first generation of fish forecasting products. Already, in some areas, variables such as sea-surface temperature can be predicted five or more years in advance. When coupled with ongoing work in fisheries research and ecosystem analysis, models are being developed that can predict fish stock distribution and abundance many months in advance.

Given the potentially valuable, but also controversial, nature of this scientific work, this briefing seeks to promote a discussion on the societal and policy implications of fish forecasting in the Atlantic Ocean.

Join MISSION ATLANTIC together with sister projects TRIATLAS, Blue Action, SO-CHIC, and AtlantECO for this side event at the upcoming All-Atlantic 2021.

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