Do you want to be a marine modeller? Run your own experiments using the StrathE2E-App!

Our seas and oceans are being subjected to a wide range of pressures, from warming, fishing, and pollution, to plastic particles and litter. However, these pressures act together in complex ways. How can we work out the most effective strategies for alleviating their impacts on the sea while still being able to harvest the food that we need?

One way is through 'what-if?' experiments using computer simulation models. These models of the oceans and seas underpin advice on fisheries management, regulation of pollution, and making the case for reducing fossil fuel consumption.

"StrathE2E" is a model of food webs in continental shelf seas. It's free for anyone to access, but to use it requires some specialist knowledge. To give everyone the chance to be a marine modeller and do their own experiments, MISSION ATLANTIC has built a new web app that uses StrathE2E data and presents it in an easy-to-digest way.

Click HERE to access the app. Select a geographic region, explore how the model works, then choose your scenario settings and run your model and explore the results!