MISSION ATLANTIC is offering mobility grants to assist students, researchers, technicians, and professionals working on marine Integrated Ecosystem Assessments (IEA) all around the Atlantic Basin in visiting our partner organisations for up to a six-week period, and carrying out research to improve our understanding of the Atlantic Ocean through the development of IEA.

The MISSION ATLANTIC Mobility Programme aims to support capacity building and knowledge transfer in IEA research and its implementation in all countries bordering the Atlantic ocean basin.

Priority for this call is on applications that focus on IEA at MISSION ATLANTIC's seven case study sites or other specific tasks relevant to the MISSION ATLANTIC work plan.

Applicants from non-partner institutions must be hosted by project partners in the EU, Brazil, and South Africa during the project lifetime (until 2025).

We are delighted to announce the winners of the MISSION ATLANTIC Mobility call 2023 as follows:


- Juncal Cabrera-Busto

• Role: PhD Student

• Residence: Spain

• Employer: Centro Oceanográfico de Cádiz (IEO‐CSIC).

• Supervisor: Marcos Llope

• Host(s): Benjamin Planque and Lucie Buttay. Institute of Marine Research, Norway

• Case study: Canary Current

- Raquel Ruiz Diaz

• Role: PhD Student

• Residence: Canada

• Employer: Memorial University of Newfoundland.

• Supervisor: Tyler Eddy

• Host(s): Susa Niiranen. Stockholm University, Sweden

• Case study: NA

- Júlia Petroski Olher

• Role: PhD Student

• Residence: Brazil

• Employer: Oceanographic Institute, University of Sao Paulo.

• Supervisor: Maria Gasalla

• Host(s): Michael Heath. University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom

• Case study: South Mid‐Atlantic Ridge

- Lisa Skein

• Role: Postdoc

• Residence: South Africa

• Employer: South African National Biodiversity Institute.

• Supervisor: Kerry J. Sink

• Host(s): Kerry Howell. Plymouth University, United Kingdom

• Case study: Benguela Current

- Cecilie Hansen

• Role: Researcher

• Residence: Norway

• Employer: Institute of Marine Research.

• Supervisor: Mette Skern-Mauritzen

• Host(s): Marcos LLope. Centro Oceanográfico de Cádiz, Spain

• Case study: Canary Current

- Debora Ferrari da Silva

• Role: PhD student

• Residence: Brazil

• Employer: Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.

• Supervisor: Sergio Ricardo Floeter

• Host(s): Susa Niiranen. Stockholm University, Sweden

• Case study: South Mid‐Atlantic Ridge

- Scott Large

• Role: Professional

• Residence: United States

• Employer: NOAA‐Fisheries Northeast Fisheries Science Center

• Host(s): Lynne Shannon. University of Cape Town, South Africa

• Case study: Benguela Current