On Friday 24th February 2023, MISSION ATLANTIC held an 'Introspective and Legacy' meeting at ICES' headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Members of the project's advisory board, executive board, and end-user focus group were invited to attend and consult on the project's results. Now in its third year, MISSION ATLANTIC has already produced several maps and tools for assessing the state of the Atlantic Ocean. These tools and the new knowledge generated by the project are extremely useful and of interest to stakeholders who can use them to support the sustainable development of maritime activities in the Atlantic region. However, before that can happen, the results need to be shaped into usable products for specific stakeholders. ensuring they reach the right stakeholders

To ensure the results reach the right stakeholders, industry representatives, and internal experts from the project came together to discuss how the results can be applied, who can use them, how they are best transferred, and the next steps needed to make this happen! This is an essential step in MISSION ATLANTIC's Knowledge Transfer activities under Work Package 9. Ensuring impact and legacy from the project's research activities, the team also discussed strategic partnerships on Atlantic Ocean research and innovation to support a sustainable maritime agenda.

This was the first dialogue in a series that is expected to run until 2025. Stay tuned to missionatlantic.eu for more information.

To learn more about the project's key results to date, you can read the MISSION ATLANTIC Introspective and Legacy Booklet.