Meet the MISSION ATLANTIC Scientists: Patrizio Mariani, MISSION ATLANTIC Project Coordinator

Where you are from and where you are currently based?

I am Italian and currently based in Denmark.

Academic background and research area:

My research focuses on methods and tools to support integrated marine ecosystem assessments. I currently work at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Aqua) where I am the Head of Ocean Observation Technology.


I am the Project Coordinator, but I also work on population connectivity, seagoing autonomous technologies, and indicator analyses for ecosystem states. We’ve found that neural network approaches are useful tools to develop hybrid modelling for marine ecosystems. These hybrid models are process-based and combine statistical methods for more accurate predictions.

Any advice you would like to share? Or do you have a favourite quote?

Only a systemic approach can enable the assessment of marine ecosystems’ dynamics in response to human pressures and natural hazards. Methods relying on the management of a single pressure or species, or human activity will not be able to disentangle the complexity of the interactions.

And related to this, my favourite quote is “The truth is the whole” - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

Favourite ocean fact:

The ocean is the cradle of life, and a life support system on Earth

Highlight from the project so far:

My highlight so far has been coordinating such a large and diverse group of very skilled marine experts! It has been an extremely interesting experience and it has reaffirmed the important role that science diplomacy has in global strategies for sustainable development.

Contact details:


Twitter: @MarianiPatrizio

LinkedIn: Patrizio Mariani