Federal University of Santa Catarina’s All-Atlantic Efforts

By Ana Liedke and Sergio Floeter

MISSION ATLANTIC partner, Federal University of de Santa Catarina (UFSC, Brazil), is also a partner in several of the sister projects, namely, AtlantECO, iAtlantic, TRIATLAS, HPCWE, Aquavitae and AANChOR! Recently, the UFSC team hosted an internal webinar to discuss the expected outcomes of the seven H2020 projects, with the aim to strengthen collaboration between the groups and to co-design future research efforts.

This webinar sought to promote interaction amongst all seven H2020 projects being developed at Federal University of de Santa Catarina, Brazil. During the meeting, the researchers discussed the expected outcomes of each project and how to best design research efforts in order to strengthen the collaboration between the groups.

UFSC’s All-Atlantic contacts:

  • MISSION ATLANTIC - Sergio FloeterAtlantECO - Andrea Green Koettker
  • iAtlantic - Albeto Lindner
  • TRIATLAS - Regina Rodrigues
  • HPCWE - Felipe Pimenta
  • Aquavitae - Felipe Vieira
  • AANChOR - Jarbas Bonetti Filho