Clustering Atlantic EU Projects

By Ivo Grigorov

In cooperation with our sister project AtlantECO, we have set up a CLUSTERING coordination group in support of All-Atlantic efforts in the AANChoR project. Project managers from Atlantic Flagship Projects regularly meet to identify opportunities for synergies.

Our primary goal is to work together. We’ve established a shared calendar and our efforts are now focused on organising joint outreach and policy events to reduce stakeholder fatigue. We also plan to design field campaigns together and optimise our project resources and skills.

So far, our efforts have been effective and resulted in a series of activities with our colleagues in Blue Action, TRIATLAS, iAtlantic, AORA, ASPIRE and AtlantECO. In December 2020, we published a policy brief, 'Forecasting fish distribution and abundance in the Atlantic Ocean: The challenge of balancing exploitation and sustainability'.

As part of the All Atlantic 2021 Forum in June 2021, we contributed to a series of side events, including Atlantic Pole 2 Pole - Climate science to policy, Atlantic Seabed mapping and exploration, The future Atlantic Ocean – forecasting ecosystem functioning from microbiomes to fisheries.

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Policy brief

CLUSTERING Group meets at scheduled for 13hr CET, on the last Friday of every month.

For more information, please contact: Eloise Trabut ( & Ivo Grigorov (