14 Dec 2021 - 14 Dec 2021

Blue-Cloud, as a “Future of Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiative” of the EU Horizon 2020 programme, is the thematic entry point to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) for the marine domain, delivering a collaborative virtual environment to enhance FAIR and Open Science in Europe and beyond, with seamless access to services for storage, management, analysis and re-use of research data, across borders and disciplines.

The Blue-Cloud: An Open Science platform for collaborative marine research across the Atlantic and beyond webinar will take place on Tuesday 14 December 2021, from 15:00 to 17:00 CET. This webinar offers the chance to learn more about the Blue-Cloud Hackathon, taking place in February 2022, where teams of marine researchers can test the Blue-Cloud technical framework under four different thematic challenges and also win prizes for working on their solutions.

As part of this webinar, Patricia Cabrera (VLIZ), MISSION ATLANTIC Data Manager, will present one of the project's demonstrators, Zoo- and Phyto-plankton Essential Ocean Variables (EOV) Products, and Ivo Grigorov, MISSION ATLANTIC project manager, will participate in the panel discussion on a joint policy brief recently published by the EU-funded Atlantic basin projects.

For more information on this online event, please see here.