02 Jun 2021 - 02 Jun 2021

What kind of research priorities should be taken into account in establishing a framework for international collaboration in the next decades?

The climatic importance of the Atlantic Ocean is widely recognized. In the north, the AMOC plays a major role in driving climate variability of many ocean and atmosphere systems. In the south, ocean circulation sinks at the bottom of the ocean, propagating climate signals to the ocean abysses, and participating in buffering climate change. Abrupt changes in these circulation systems could have major impacts on ecosystems and societies. Scientific cooperation and management responses as well as long-term strategies for sustained Atlantic observations are critical to fill in research gaps.

Facilitating the science needed to support ocean governance and management, MISSION ATLANTIC together with sister projects Blue Action, SO-CHIC, and TRIATLAS, will co-host this side event at the upcoming All-Atlantic 2021.

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