The All-Atlantic2021 Pledging Campaign is an important tool to collect voluntary, result-oriented, personal or institutional commitments and consolidate them in a global scale, always taking into account specific local, national and regional contexts. The voluntary nature of pledges allows for more flexibility and alignment with existing or planned activities and the pledging campaign is primarily intended to be a collaboration tool for initiating or advancing cooperation in the Atlantic region.

For example, pledges could include:

  • Development of capacity building opportunities, citizen science initiatives and demonstration projects at local, national or regional levels;
  • Organization of networking events, ocean literacy and public awareness initiatives, stakeholders’ engagement or consultation workshops, and other outreach activities at local/individual level;
  • Sharing of knowledge, methodologies and best practices between strategic stakeholders (government, academia, industry, civil society, individuals);
  • Sharing of data, infrastructures and equipment between entities along and across the Atlantic region.
  • Development of tools, models, guidelines, advocacy and novel research;
  • Support existing or planned initiatives, including other pledges, with in-kind or financial resources.

To learn more about the campaign, and to make a pledge, follow the link below.