The Mission Atlantic team held multiple meetings with the St. Helena Government Marine and Fisheries Conservation team fostering meaningful collaborations. A lecture on Mission Atlantic CS SOMAR at the St. Helena National Trust allowed the team to showcase their ongoing efforts, promoting further engagement.

Mary Gasalla presenting Mission Atlantic CS SOMAR to Government Officers, managers and marine stakeholders.

But one of the expedition's key accomplishments was a workshop that brought together approximately 20 attendees representing several sectors stakeholders that collaborate with the ongoing local integrated ecosystem assessment. The team thanks the St. Helena Government Marine and Fisheries Conservation officers, Maritime Policy officer, the St Helena National Trust, marine tour operators, Fishermen’s Association, local spear fishers, a representative of the elected Council, St Helena Dive Club, Port control, ENRP, Marine enforcement (SHG), members of a participative group that validated previously assessed data regarding an ecosystem risk analysis of St. Helena's environment. The involvement of stakeholders ensured local knowledge was integrated.

Stakeholders participating in the workshop

Anticipated Outcomes and Future Collaborations: The Mission Atlantic expedition to St. Helena holds immense promise for advancing our understanding of the ecology, evolution, and connectivity of the central Atlantic islands of CS SOMAR. Furthermore, the expedition fostered new collaborations with the St. Helena Government, paving the way for enhanced monitoring programs and a more comprehensive assessment of potential threats and risks faced by the island's marine life. Through close collaboration with local authorities, the Mission Atlantic team strives to implement an effective assessment that should contribute to the long-term preservation of St. Helena's rich marine biodiversity.

At the end, Mrs. Elizabeth Clingham, the Blue Belt Manager from the St. Helena Government, embraced her role as the main focal point and a new end-user for Mission Atlantic.

Mary Gasalla (USP), Sergio Floeter (UFSC) and Elizabeth Clingham at the Marine Conservation and Fisheries office

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