Helene Gutte

I'm a PhD student in Marine Ecosystem and Fishery Science at the University of Hamburg. My research focuses on risk assessment applications for ecosystems, as the identification of systems at risk and evaluation of the vulnerability of the individual components is highly important for ensuring the sustainability of our oceans. For this, I am currently developing a modular framework by combining and refining existing approaches to make them more applicable for data or knowledge-limited systems, as these represent the majority of marine systems. To facilitate the utilization of this framework, I am writing an R package, which I am planning to evolve into an R shiny app.

At the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), I want to further improve my work by integrating a Bayesian Belief Network module. This module will help with the assessment of cumulative impacts, as a result of interacting pressures, on ecosystem components and enables the computation of network indices to assess risks at the ecosystem level. Additionally, I want to elaborate on possibilities to assess indirect risks due to interactions and feedback-loops within social-ecological systems.

My work aims to a better understanding of risk and uncertainty, to guide decisions within the ecosystem-based management process.