Gabriela Sardinha

Hi! My name is Gabriela Sardinha, but you can call me Gabi!

I'm an oceanographer from Brazil, and I’m passionate about conservation, coastal management, governance, and policy. During my bachelor’s degree, I worked with marine ecology. Looking for a way to apply my knowledge, I started my master’s degree in coastal management, investigating the governance of the archaeological heritage in coastal areas, having Campeche Island, a protected area and one of the most wanted tourist attractions in Southern Brazil, as a case study. Now, as part of my PhD research, I’m investigating Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) as a tool to provide necessary information for the implementation of ecosystem-based approaches to marine and coastal management in Brazil under the supervision of Dr. Marinez Scherer.

In the MISSION ATLANTIC project, I’ve been working closely with Marinez in the South Brazilian Shelf case study, especially in WP1. I applied for a mobility grant as I wish to work with Irish-based scientists David Reid and Debbi Pedreschi, who are professionals I look up to. Together, we’ll work on the scoping phase of IEA (part of MISSION ATLANTIC Deliverable 1.3), and evaluate ecosystem vulnerabilities under future scenarios.

Other of my research interests include marine protected areas, ecosystem services, beach management, the effects of human activities on coastal and marine habitats, and the interaction between environmental and social sciences.

Outside of academia, I’m an enthusiast for diving, fishing, tennis, soccer, and culture!